Where to find Justice, Legal, and Law Services Program Grants

By: Isabella N., Assistancefinder
Published Mar 2, 2020 8:05:09 AM

Grants are free money that the government, private and public charities, and businesses give to help fund an idea or cause. While giving grants is a generous move for the grant giver; it also is a great way to invest in the future. When organizations offer grants to kids in specific programs, like law and justice, they are making an investment in the talents of people who will help to improve society in the areas of law and justice. Creating a better future is something that many of these organizations care about. By helping students achieve their educational goals, grant givers are ensuring that people become assets to society in the future.

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How to Become Eligible for a Grant

Grants are available for just about everything. If you are interested in a particular interest, you might be able to find a grant for it. Grants are available for creative endeavors, business, and sports. Anyone can apply for grants as they don't have any restrictions on a person's race, height, or what state they live in. Of course, there are requirements that need to be met to apply. For example, the grant may require students to be studying in a certain field.

Things That are Taken into Consideration to Receive a Grant

Anyone interested in receiving a grant can apply for one at any time. However, it's important to know that you will need to meet certain criteria to increase the odds of receiving the grant. Here are a few of the things a grant giver may look for:

• Do you have an interest in legal services, the law, or justice? Are you a member of an organization that deals with issues of justice or law?
• Do you have a disability or are you a minority? Are you a non-traditional student with a medical condition that makes it harder for you to get where you are trying to go?
• Do you have an educational background in the areas of interest that you want the grant for?

Meeting all of the previously mentioned criteria are not required to receive grants for legal services, law, and justice programs. However, you may stand out as a candidate if you have special circumstances. These circumstances may also help you get the grant.

Where to Find Grants for Legal Servies, Justices, and Law Programs

The internet is one of the best and easiest ways to search for grants. It doesn't matter what type of grant you are looking for, a Google search will show an array of results. You can search through the list of websites to find information about grants and how to get them. Grants.gov is a well-known website that allows people to search grant opportunities by category.

Current Grant Opportunities Available Legal Service, Justice, and Law Programs

The U.S. Department of State and Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs- These two departments are looking for applicants from government organizations and educational institutions that are interested in strengthening law enforcement's involvement with justice centers for women.
Cops and AHTF Application: The grant is for state and local law enforcement agencies that are authorized by a state agency or law to engage in the activities that involve opioid and anti-heroin investigations.

Cops Hiring Program: The CHP funds local law enforcement agencies to assist with the hiring and rehiring of police officers to increase crime prevention in their communities and implement community policing. The Cops Hiring Program covers the cost, at most, 75% of the salary of an approved entry-level career law enforcement officer. The officer must be a full-time, sworn-in officer. This grant covers the officer's salary for three years.

Bureau of Narcotics Law Enforcement: This organization enforces and combat wildlife trafficking. It's the INL's goal to reduce the trafficking and poaching of wildlife. The organization hopes to achieve its goal by implementing effective programming at the international, national, and regionals levels. The organizations hope to spread their message to Latin America, Asia, and Africa. The INL wants to support international host-nations with the investigations and prosecution of people who engage in the trafficking and poaching of wild animals.

The previous list of grants is just a few of the ones available to people who are involved in law enforcement, justice, and legal services. Again, if you or your organization is interested in receiving grants in this area, a Google search may help you find resources.

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