Personal Finance Apps to Make Money on your Smartphone

By: Emma M., Assistancefinder
Published Feb 10, 2020 8:02:08 AM

Just about everyone has a smartphone these days. If you take a stroll around any public place, you are sure to see one in most people's hands. However, these phones can still prove to be quite expensive. If only there were ways for people to offset the costs of those phones by making money using them. Thankfully, there are many different ways that people can make some easy money using different social media accounts or other applications right from their phones. One such way to make money on your smartphone is through the use of personal finance apps.

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There Is Never Enough Money

One thing that many people realize is that there seems to never be enough money for all the things we want or need. According to Laura Cole, a University of Tennessee director of the Masters Investment Learning Center, most people who earn a paycheck do not accurately know what their money is being spent on. Even for the few that have their finances organized very well, many things can easily get missed. Cole believes that many people miss out on things like saving money for a rainy day. She says one of the easiest ways to save and make more money is by investing it.

Technology For Investing Easily Found

In this day and age, there is an app for just about everything. This includes many different apps available for investing opportunities. No matter what stage of life you are currently in, there are at least four investing apps that are perfect for anyone to use. They make it very simple to earn money and save money on your phone.


The first choice in an investing app to check out is Wally. There is no cost to downloading this app to your smartphone. The best uses for this free app are to organize and budget your income spread out between a few different accounts. The way it works is by letting its users upload information after they make a purchase. It can either be done manually or by taking a picture of your receipt.

Wally Pros And Cons

This application is best for those that are new to the world of personal finance. If you are someone who has a limited amount of credit cards, loans and no mortgage, Wally is the way to go. It can help users get into a habit of being more aware of how their money is being spent. The breakdown of how your spending goes is detailed. It can tell you where your paycheck goes each pay period down to the dollar. The downsides of this app are that all purchases have to be entered manually or by photo. This is easy but can get inconvenient at times.


Another great personal finance app is called Mint. It is also free to download and will help you budget your money and keep organized. This app is great for users who have a higher number of accounts open. You can link bank accounts, credit cards, investments, loans and properties owned into your Mint account. Mint will automatically track your spending trends and purchases.

Mint Pros And Cons

This app has a lot of pros to consider such as the ability to have purchases tracked automatically. You will also receive a strong cash flow analysis. The downside to this app is that you will have to spend more time up front setting up your account in order for it to be more automatic.


This application can be purchased for around one dollar for accounts totaling under $5,000. Acorns is perfect for users who have money saved up specifically for investment reasons. To use the app, users will select ways they want to save their money. It can be a small amount set aside each week or month. The app will also ask how much of a risk you want to take on with your investments. While Acorns is a great way to begin with investing, you still need a small idea of how investing works in order to be able to use the app.


Stash costs the same to download and use as Acorns. It is best for users who are more versed in the world of investing, however. This is not a good app for true beginners. With Stash, users are able to have more power with where their money will get invested.

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