How you can have Fun and Save Money

By: Emma M., Assistancefinder
Published Apr 29, 2020 8:00:15 AM

All of us have a guilty pleasure. Some of us live eating at fancy restaurants. Others like going to Broadway musicals or seeing their favorite group in concert. Additionally, many of us like to treat our significant other. Entertainment is something that all of us enjoy. However, it is the first thing that personal finance advisers look at when they are trying to advise people on what they can do in order to save money.

The average American family spends $3,000 on entertainment each year. This is approximately 4 percent of the family budget. Spending money on entertainment is not like spending money on groceries and housing. It is not a necessity. However, when you work hard for your money, you deserve to have fun.

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There are many things that you can do to reduce your entertainment spending. However, this will require some creativity on your part.

Saving Money When Going to a Restaurant

Eating out can be expensive. If you are trying to save money, then you will need to reduce the number of times that you go to the restaurant. You can go out to lunch instead of dinner if you want to eat at a fancy restaurant. Lunch is cheaper at most restaurants. Additionally, most restaurants serve lunch until 4 p.m., so you can have an early dinner.

Saving Money on Going Events

You should take advantage of free events in your area. Most places have free events on Fridays and Saturdays. Recreation offices, colleges and libraries are some of the places that have free events. You can also volunteer at sporting events and theaters. You may be able to get a discount on an event. Students, military people and seniors are often admitted to events for lower prices.

Prices are often cheaper on off days. The most popular times to go places are on Fridays and Saturdays. You may want to go to an event between Sunday through Thursday.

Outdoor Activities

You may want to spend some time outside instead of sitting inside and watching television. Hiking is outdoor activity that you can do for free. You can view the beach, mountain and waterfront vistas depending on where you live. You can also enjoy cycling. You can enjoy the scenes in your own town and in another town. Additionally, you can participate in a sporting activity such as basketball or tennis.

Entertaining Yourself at Home

It can be expensive to entertain yourself at home. There are some inexpensive ways that you can entertain yourself at home. If you have cable, then you may want to consider getting rid of it. There are several alternatives available to cable. YouTube, Hulu and Netflix are popular alternatives to cable. You may even be able to rent free movies from your local library. Not only can you rent movies, but you may also be able to rent e-books.

If you like to entertain guests at your home, then there are also ways that you can do that on a budget. For example, you can organize a potluck. Everyone can bring a dish. This will allow you to entertain people without spending an arm and a leg. Everyone will share a portion of the cost.

Other Ways To Entertain Yourself on a Budget

You can save money by sharing a membership with your family members and friends. For example, it costs $99 per year to have a membership with Amazon prime. If you share a membership, then both of you will only have to pay $50 per year. You can also split a Costco membership in half.

If you are in need of a new television or tablet, then you may want to consider buying a used one. You can get a used electronic device that is just as good as a used one. You can find used items at used book stores and thrifts. You can also purchase a refurbished device from a major retailer such as Walmart.

Additionally, cutting back on a few things can help you save money. For example, if you love to rent movies, then you should consider renting them once every other week instead of once a week. You can also refrain from getting a new game console until your old one stops working.

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