Housing Help
Find housing resources targeted to certain audience groups.

Need to Pay Your Rent? Apply for Apartment Grant - You can get help from a rental assistance program if you are in need of a clean and appropriate housing. There are groups of people who are targeted for one of these programs... Read More

LIHEAP Assistance to Qualified Low-Income Households - There is help for paying for utility bills. Your utility bill could be partially paid for or lowered. Gas and electric bills can be paid with grants if you are low-income or disabled... Read More

Amazing Work from Home Opportunity - Remote Customer Service - Finding a job in today’s competitive economy can be frustrating. With millions of graduates flowing out of college and into the workplace every year and more and more jobs... Read More

How Low-Income Families can Receive Assistance for Housing - The Housing Authority of the individual states regulates Section 8 housing. The number of units available in the program is based on the amount of funding received by the housing authority... Read More

SNAP- A help for Low-Income Families and Individuals - To be eligible for food assistance, you must meet the income requirements of the program. Other resources, such as vehicles and bank accounts, are included in the eligibility requirements... Read More

Consider these 5 Costs before Purchasing a Home - The prices of homes are going up all across the United States, and this is due to relatively high demand in a market with low inventory. You might have to stretch what you can afford a bit if you want to buy a home... Read More

Eligibility for a First Home Buyer Grant - If you are like most first-time home buyers, you may not have the amount of money necessary in your savings to buy a home. Fortunately, the government has programs to help with the cost... Read More

Federal Housing Assistance for Low-Income Families and Individuals - Each state's Housing Authority handles matters related to Section 8. Based upon various factors, state housing authorities receive different amounts of funding each year. Section 8 is constantly... Read More

6 Unique Grants for First-Time Home Buyers - If you don’t have the resources for a down payment quite yet, no worries as you’re not alone. Based on the National Association of Realtors, over 80 percent of home buyers looking to purchase a home for... Read More

Class Action Settlement of $22M with American Airlines, Inc. 401(k) Plan - The class members eligible and involved in American Airlines 401(K) Plan Class Action Settlement is everyone who took part in the abovementioned 401(k) plan, previously known as the Super Saver... Read More