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Where to find Justice, Legal, and Law Services Program Grants - Grants are free money that the government, private and public charities, and businesses give to help fund an idea or cause. While giving grants is a generous move for the grant giver... Read More

Dealing with Free Grants and Scams - The Federal Trade Commission, which is the agency in charge of protecting consumers in the nation from business practices that are dishonest and unethical, has noted that many of the free grant offers... Read More

Free Money from the Government - The United States government offers free money to Americans all the time, but many are unaware they might qualify for this kind of free money. From grants to rental assistance, there is financial help available to people all over... Read More

Grants that are Available for Fitness Equipment - The federal government gives grants that can be used in order to buy equipment. This money is not given to individuals. It is given to organizations and businesses... Read More

Getting Financial Help after Going through a Disaster - Having to go through any type of disaster can be an awful experience. You could lose your belongings, your home or even your loved ones. For some, a disaster can completely destroy your whole life... Read More

Are You Eligible for the Federal Pell Grant? - The application process is relatively simple: a student has to fill out the Free Application For Federal Student Aid form(you can do it here). The form requires you to write down information... Read More