Dealing with Family Medical Leave and Financial Assistance

By: Emily J., Assistancefinder
Published Feb 5, 2020 8:12:10 AM

Government entities, both federal and state, as well as private companies are providing more financial assistance during this time of the FMLA, or the Family Medical Leave Act. If you are interested, your amount of help will vary as well as your eligibility.

This act states that the employers that qualify must hold the jobs of employees open for at least twelve weeks, but the act doesn’t require any payment made to the employees take the leave. If you are in this situation, you must look for another source to help pay on any current bills that you might have.

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This is where private companies come in. They can help fill monetary gaps during the leave, but they often require employees to either repay the amounts owed of fund premiums before the money can be given out. The most appealing of all these is the government entitlement programs, but there are only a small percentage of people that can qualify for this assistance.

Private Assistance

There are some private companies that can provide some financial assistance during this medical leave for families. These companies, unfortunately, are always seeking to make a profit. There are two ways that they make their money while also helping families when a member of that family is unable to work.

There are ways that you can get monetary help from these private companies through either borrowing money, settling your debt, or purchasing insurance before you need.

A Family Leave Loan

By requesting a family leave loan, you can obtain financial help to help pay the bills while you are out on family leave. It is the best option for helping workers since it doesn’t require the purchase of anything before the rising of the needs. You can even utilize it in most states.

Unfortunately, you will be required to pay the loan back with interest later, but having the extra funds can help prevent your falling behind on any payments since falling behind and missing payments stay on your consumer report for up to seven years.

Debt Settlement

A debt relief application is used to help families that are facing financial hardships because of any unpaid family leave. With lost income and medical bills combined, it can become difficult to manage financials without becoming behind on any payments. The company that is helping you settle will go over the criteria like owning more than $10,000, experiencing financial hardships, or getting behind on payments as early as three months.

Disability for Short-Term

The short-term disability insurance can be useful in assisting the leave. Private policies might cover the person unable to work, and it might even replace as much as 70-percent of that person’s income. There is an elimination period that must be met before the payments can start.

Government Assistance

Both the federal and state governments can provide financial assistance for those on the family medical leave. There are limited circumstances and ways that government assistance can help. Since the law doesn’t require that employers pay employees during this leave, government programs have been put in place to help employees replace portions of their lost income while on leave.


Unemployment compensation can be collected for various financial help while on leave. This is a regulation that protects the job you hold when you aren’t working for the twelve weeks of leave. You will remain employed, but you will not be paid.

If the employer terminates the job, the equation might be altered. However, this should only happen if the law doesn’t apply to your specific situation or if you stay on leave longer than the twelve-week mark.

An act called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, gives certain incentives to the state to change up, or modernize their compensation systems for unemployment. Through this act, it encourages the states to allow their workers to collect the compensation if they leave the job voluntarily due to a family reason.

Disability from the State

The temporary disability programs in the state can help those on financial leave by replacing portions of their income. This is for most private workers out there. Some of the qualifications include things like living in one of the five states or being the disabled worker.

Paid Leave

The programs for state-paid leave can help if someone is taking time off to care for a sick family member. This works in addition to the disability program through the state. You will get a portion of your income for as much as six weeks worth of leave.

There are only three states that offer this program: New Jersey, Rhode Island, and California, but there are paid sick leave laws that exist in the other states and major cities.

Workers Compensation

In many places, workers comp assists in the form of medical care, income support, and other things. Only the workers who are injured or disable while on the job can qualify for this assistance.

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