5 Perks to Working as a Driver for Lyft

By: Olivia P., Assistancefinder
Published Jan 31, 2020 8:02:14 AM

One of the biggest ways to make money in today’s society is through something called a drive-share business. These businesses allow you to act like a taxi for various passengers, charging them per mile, and many people have made money off of this service. While there are many different options for this drive-share opportunity, Lyft is one of the more popular options available. The reason it has become so popular is due to the many benefits that Lyft has to offer their employees. If you are interested, keep reading. Here are 5 of the biggest benefits you could enjoy if you drive for Lyft.

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Bountiful Bonuses

One of the biggest benefits that Lyft has to offer their workers is a bountiful helping of bonuses throughout the year for a job well done. Being a Lyft driver means getting a bonus, and they even offer a start-up bonus just for signing up with the company to drive. They no longer publish their sign-up bonuses for everyone to see publicly, but they are still there. Some cities might offer a bonus of $500, and still, some cities might offer a hefty bonus of $1,000. The price of the bonus is going to depend highly on where you are earning money and driving. Some people have been known to sign up to drive with Lyft just for the bonus, even if they don’t plan to use it much. Other rideshare companies offer sign-up bonuses, but many are not as bountiful as Lyft’s options for their drivers.

Smaller Work Base

Unfortunately, drive-share companies are a popular commodity, especially in larger cities. While this is good for your wallet, it can be rather stressful if you plan to work during busy times or during events. However, since Lyft has a much smaller user base than many other companies, you can learn the ropes of the job at an easier pace. Lyft provides an easy way of learning how rideshare works and how you can utilize it as a business. Once you’ve got it down pat, you can speed things up or even try another company that moves at a faster pace. However, starting out slowly is always ideal, especially if you know nothing about ridesharing and how it works.

Company Culture

Not every drive-share company is going to have a company culture that clicks with you. This can be said about every company out there. However, Lyft has been known to have some of the best company culture and kindness out of many other companies like this. Lyft offers riders a chance to tip the driver within their fare, and if the rider rates the driver with less than three stars, the rider will never have to take that driver again. Since Lyft takes a small portion of the fares during the week, they offer a driver incentive that allows drivers to keep a higher portion of the fares if they complete a certain number of drives within each week. This just goes to show you how well Lyft treats both the drivers and riders that choose to use their service.

Swapping Allowed

If you have been working for Lyft for quite some time and you either want a raise or a faster paced lifestyle, there is nothing stopping you from doing a swap or working both Lyft and another ride share company at the same time. There are no requirements that say you must be exclusive to either company, and you can be be strategic with your driving by choosing who you want to drive and what app you would like to use any given day. There used to be several bonuses by other companies if you decided to swap from Lyft to their company, though many of them no longer offer these bonuses. However, you can still get the sign-up bonuses from the company regardless of whether you decide to keep working Lyft while working the new one. Luckily, working two different drive-share companies gives you a certain freedom. You can work slower one day by using Lyft, or you can work at a faster pace by using another company. The option is there either way.

Secure Jobs

When it comes to working Lyft as well as other ridesharing companies, you can actually give yourself a steady income and a certain job security. Should one of the platforms go down for maintenance or other reasons, you can still work by using the other option available. Should your account get put on hold with one company, you have another to fall back on. You will not be without work because people are always going to need a taxi service, and you have a certain freedom to work as you want without worrying about a revoking of a fee or another issue with the company. Working a ridesharing app like Lyft is a great way to make some extra money while in college or just starting out on your own.


In such a digital world like the one we live in, traditional taxi services are outdated in many places. However, there is something new on the horizon that many people are taking advantage of, both as a rider and a driver. Ridesharing is a service that acts like a taxi. Lyft is one of the most popular ridesharing companies out there, and they have many people employed as their drivers throughout the world. If you choose to work for Lyft, there are several benefits that you can get just by driving for the company. Along with hefty bonuses and a certain job security, working for Lyft provides you with a better company culture than many other businesses out there. You can make some extra money while helping people get where they need to go, work when you want to, and earn money just by driving your car around locations in your city. Driving for Lyft has many benefits, which is leading many people to sign up with the ridesharing company. Lyft is one of the best for many different reasons, and they have been known to take care of their drivers and riders alike.

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