10 Simple and Easy Ways to Get Free Food

By: Emily J., Assistancefinder
Published Mar 9, 2020 8:10:31 AM

Everyone loves food, especially when it is free. There are many different ways that you can acquire free food that you may not be aware of. This article will reveal 10 different ways that you can try to get your hands on free food.

1. Free Samples in Stores

One of the easiest ways to get free food is to walk into different grocery stores. Large shopping and grocery supercenters many times have multiple displays which encourage food sampling. Many different types of food shops will also provide free samples to customers when they ask to sample different flavors, depending on the business. Free samples may not make you full, but they are an easy and delicious snack depending on where you go to get your samples.

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2. Participating in Eating Competitions

Unlike when you get free samples, eating competitions will be sure to fill you up. Many times these competitions will push the limits either how much food you can eat, or how quickly you are able to eat a certain food. If you enjoy eating large amounts of food, eating competitions may be a great way to eat food for free.

3. Being an Employee at a Restaurant

Depending on the restaurant that you apply to, you will either get free food or extremely discounted food while you work your shift. When you work at a restaurant you will also be able to try many of the different types of foods that it serves for free, so you will be able to recommend which foods taste best to customers that aren't sure what to order.

4. Restaurant Promotions

After you've ordered food at certain restaurants, they will give you a receipt which includes information on how to get free food. You can sign up for an email list or place your number on a list which will notify you when the restaurant has certain types of deals going on. Signing up for these not only will save you money in the future, but you also get free food sometimes just for becoming a new member.

5. Birthdays

Celebrating a birthday is an extreme way to get some tasty free food. On your birthday or your friend's birthday, go to a number of different restaurants and let them know that you are celebrating a birthday. Most restuarants will give the birthday person a free dessert or dish. It is perfectly normal to visit multiple restaurants or bars on your birthday in order to get free food. If you go online there are some restaurants that will list what food they give to people who are celebrating a birthday.

6. Surveys

Similar to restaurants promotions, some places will give you free food for simply taking a survey. Restaurants do this to make sure that customers are enjoying their food and to ensure that the workers are providing the customers with a positive experience. The link to the surveys will be on the receipt of your food, or one of the workers will ask you if you'd like to take a survey.

7. Garden

If you have space near your home, a garden can be a rewarding way to get some free food. It may take more time and work to grow food in a garden, but it is much cheaper than buying it from the store. Additionally, when food is grown in a garden, you know exactly how the food was made. You won't need to worry about the different pesticides that may be on the fruit or vegetables that you grew.

8. Social Gatherings

Many different types of social gatherings often try to encourage people to show up by offering free food. Recruitment for different clubs and sporting events often include free food. These social events are a great way to enjoy free food and meet new people as well.

9. The Opening of a Business

New business host events that contain free food in order to raise awareness to people that the business exists. The free food is offered to draw local people in. The business hopes that an opening event with entertainment and free food will ensure their success in the near future.

10. Taste Testing

This option will take more time and effort but can be a great way to enjoy many different types of free food. Restuarants that are new to a town will sometimes be looking for people to try the different foods that they offer. If you are a taste tester you will be asked many different questions about the food and will likely have to fill out some paper work as well.

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