10 Jobs in the US That Are Paying More

By: Sopia L., Assistancefinder
Published Apr 27, 2020 8:55:14 AM

A hot topic on any news channel is how the economy is faring. The buzz words and exaggerations they use to generate excitement over their news can sometimes misconstrue the positive reality of life in America today. Despite what some people might say about a stagnation in the economy, wages have actually grown by two percent as cited by the Glassdoor Local Pay Reports. The median base salary for Americans as of August 2017 is $51,566 per year.

The Pay Report factors job titles, number of employees, and industry when estimating the pay for any job you're interested in. The Pay Reports that they publish allow us to see how jobs in big cities and in the nation as a whole are faring by analyzing the median base pay of all full-time American workers.

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If you're looking for a new job that shows promise in their pay, here are the 10 fastest growing jobs according to Glassdoor's most recent report.

1. Truck Driver

People in the transportation industry don't have to worry about artificial intelligence stealing their jobs just yet since they are at the top of the list. If you have excellent driving skills and can focus on the road for long stretches at a time, consider finding a job in this rapidly growing industry.
Percent of salary increase: 5.7
Median base salary: $52,079

2. Insurance agent

Are you a natural when it comes to persuading people? If you are personable and enjoy meeting new people then you could make an excellent insurance agents. Many agents are also offered bonuses or commission for how many sales they make, which can lead to hefty salary.
Percent of salary increase: 5.7
Median base salary: $43,652

3. Barista

Baristas have to maintain a smile and friendly demeanor when dealing with tired customers who need their caffeine fix. If you like working with your hands and working in a cozy environment filled with delicious aromas, you might enjoy being a barista.
Percent of salary increase:5.7
Median base salary: $24,194

4. Recruiter

Do you like helping others and working for a good cause? Recruiters get to share the great opportunities their service can provide to those who are interested in joining them. If you have passion, look into any openings for recruiters.
Percent of salary increase: 5.2
Median base salary: $50,483

5. Bank teller

Bank tellers have to help their customers with any money problems they may have. You have to be comfortable navigating finances and answering any questions customers may have about different banking options and advice on how to save. If numbers don't scare you and you like working with the public, bank tellers have a very promising wage growth.
Percent of salary increase: 4.9
Median base salary: $28,636

6. Restaurant cook

Although most cooks need some kind of professional training of have years of experience in the food industry, people can often start with a line cook job and work their way up quickly. If you love food and can handle the stress of mealtime rushes, restaurant cooks are earning noticeably more than recent years.
Percent of salary increase: 4.7
Median base salary: $28,628

7. Pharmacy technician

Working with medicine requires many years of education, but the pay off is great. If you enjoy a quiet work space and you're passionate about helping others, look into pharmacy technician jobs.
Percent of salary increase: 3.7
Median base salary: $30,592

8. Cashier

Are you a good listener with quick fingers? Cashiers are always in high demand and the job is relatively simple. Their wages have steadily increased over the years and show no signs of stopping.
Percent of salary increase: 3.7
Median base salary: $27,701

9. Producer

Are you creative and love to entertain? Producing can be a very fun and fruitful job that pays well.
Percent of salary increase: 3.5
Median base salary: $52,935

10. Server

Servers have to balance, be on their feet for long stretches, and be friendly to all their customers, but it can be a rewarding job. Wages are increasing and more people are learning how important it is to be a generous tipper.
Percent of salary increase: 3.3
Median base salary: $33,654

Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist at Glassdoor, also advises people to keep their eyes open for employment surges around the holidays. Although these jobs are often temporary, since the demand to fill retail positions such as cashiers and warehouse workers is so high, those who get hired during these peak seasons can earn salaries that are much higher than the average worker in that same position.

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